Interview with Principal Reveals Big Announcements


Mike Mevkalo, Editor

In late December, the cafeteria of Grover Cleveland got a surprise makeover. Then, later in February it got a second update. After the second renovation, students and adults started asking questions like who, why, and how. Now that the dust has settled it’s safe to say that we won’t be seeing anything quite on this level for the rest of the year. However, there is more to come and we at the Cleveland Chronicles are here to deliver it to you first.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned is that the cafeteria is not done with all its changes. As some students might have already known, the cafeteria was supposed to be remodeled in 2020 but the upgrades were pushed back because of the pandemic. It was to be completed in three stages: first, the floor and paint, then furniture, and lastly, the lighting. As of now, the only stage left is the lighting which is to be done in the summer.  As for the “who” and “how”, council member Robert Holden was instrumental to the cause. When he was at the school, he asked Mr. Pascente what he (the principal) wanted to see changed. In response, Mr. Pascente introduced Robert Holden to the school cafeteria and said “this is what my students first see when they walk in ” and it was after that conversation that Holden provided the $800,000 school grant.

Now when I went to talk about the cafeteria with Mr. Pascente, I didn’t expect to get any major information, but couldn’t have been more wrong. Alongside getting some clarification on the cafeteria, we got some big news about the upcoming school year. One of the things that came up during the interview was the news of a new school film production program. This program will aim to teach kids about the world of film and live production. This program will one day evolve to the point that we can have our 3rd period announcements be done live in a professional studio in the school.  For this we have former assemblywoman Catherine Nolan to acknowledge since she is making this program possible with funding. 

More exciting news is that students will get personal lockers.  According to Mr. Irizarry, the school’s coordinator of security, “you will be the first class to ever have lockers at Grover Cleveland”.  When students return in September 2023, they will find personal lockers that they can be used to store belongings, books, and supplies on the second and third floors.

Other important changes we will find include a newly renovated library; solar panels to help Grover Cleveland be greener; more cameras to help it be safer; more bike racks to help it be more convenient, and state-of-the-art science labs.

With all the things happening next year, Grover Cleveland is becoming an “exciting” place to be according to students and staff.