The Cleveland Pep Rally Returns!


Kicking off the Nov. 17 parent teacher conference, the Cleveland Pep Rally reignited spirit and excitement that had been missing on account of the intrusive COVID 19 pandemic. Paired with the overall success had with the Monster Mash a month prior, students and faculty now have a taste for what should be done when handling future events.

Seeing as some interviewed claimed to be “not very enthusiastic” or “tired” rather, the Pep Rallies ability to grip attention and change the minds of even a few proves that engagement is key. Peers seeing each other represent what they love is what drives the willingness of attendees to… well attend. In fact, though this may be considered judgemental, feedback on what could be added to future events was provided. Senior Filippo Nicolosi said that the Rally held at the auditorium in 2021 was “better” because “the cheerleaders did a thing where they made a people triangle.” Be it as it may, seeing that the performance was missed, care continues to reside in the hearts of our students—as does substance in the efforts made by our athletes/performers. All of which can be used as a stepping stone for gatherings in the future.

And let us not forget a few highlights from the event.  How good could this Pep Rally have really been without our basketball team hoisting up our principal for a considerably slow dunk? That alongside the wonderful shark costumes presented by the swim team were a pleasant surprise. Cleveland’s beloved mascot also managed to score a three pointer, though his eyes were rendered practically useless by a tiger head, during the three point/free throw contest. Overall, students had a fun time and much love goes out to the sports teams. I would suggest, however, that Izzy and the other higher-ups pick more willing contestants for their contests.